Winning Authors - 2017
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Writers Workshop Instructor 
Barbara Nickless, Author
"Blood on the Tracks"
1st Place Story - 6th Grade 
Teddy Robberson
1st Place Story - 7th Grade 
Ryan Sjobeck
1st Place Story - 8th Grade 
Riley Jones
1st Place Story - 9/10th Grade 
Cosette Joy Perrodin
1st Place Story - 11/12th Grade 
Lydia McGee
2nd Place Story - 6th Grade 
Lynnea Waddell
2nd Place Story - 7th Grade 
Luke Taylor
2nd Place Story - 8th Grade 
Boone Blake
2nd Place Story - 9/10th Grade 
Reanna Scherb
2nd Place Story - 11/12th Grade 
Hollyann McCann
3rd Place Story - 6th Grade
Kadynce Harms
3rd Place Story - 7th Grade 
Kaitlyn Ketchell
3rd Place Story - 8th Grade 
Catie Albanesi
3rd Place Story - 11/12th Grade 
Will Boswell
Judges Award - Favorite Title 
Anita Gichuki
Judges Award - Favorite Title
Bailey Dorsey
Judges Award - Favorite Title 
Sofia Ortega
Judges Award - Favorite Opening Line 
Elizabeth Freer
Judges Award - Favorite Opening Line 
Aleeya White
Judges Award - Favorite Opening Line 
Rebecca Baker
Judges Award 
Gemma Gallucci
Judges Award 
Jason MacKay
Judges Award 
Rayna Seats
Judges Award 
Zoe Johnson
Judges Award 
Angela Krug
2017 Winning Authors with Barbara Nickless
2017 Winning Authors with author Barbara Nickless
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