Winning Authors - 2016
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1st Place Story - 6th Grade
Amber Bakken1st Place Story - 7th Grade 
Andrew Salek1st Place Story - 8th Grade
Jakob Aggers1st Place Story - 9/10th Grade
Tessa Lapointe1st Place Story - 11/12th Grade 
Derek Sharman2nd Place Story - 6th Grade
Elizabeth Freer2nd Place Story - 7th Grade 
Brenner Haley2nd Place Story - 8th Grade
Meera Bhatia2nd Place Story - 9/10th Grade 
Jaclyn Carlson2nd Place Story - 11/12th Grade 
Lydia McGee3rd Place Story - 6th Grade 
Christian Sack3rd Place Story - 7th Grade 
Reece Loomis3rd Place Story - 8th Grade 
Jamie Mihelich3rd Place Story - 9/10th Grade 
Anika Hagen3rd Place Story-11/12th Grade 
David Mann8th Grade Judges Award-Honorable Mention
Danielle NormanJudges Award-Favorite Title-1st Place
Eli HarperJudges Award-Favorite Title-2nd Place
Zach PribylJudges Award-Favorite Title-3rd Place
Ashley RauJudges Award-Favorite Opening Line-1st Place 
Tessa LaPointeJudges Award-Favorite Opening Line-2nd Place (Tie)
Meera BhatiaJudges Award Favorite Opening Line-2nd Place (Tie) 
Scott HarveyJudges Award
Mara BacksenJudges Award 
Temaya NestegardJudges Award 
Ferryn ReuhlJudges Award 
Melody FikeJudges Award 
Reed BuesserJudges Award
Abigail McCoy
2016 Winning Authors
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