Winning Authors - 2015
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1st Place Story: 6th Grade
Christina Woll1st Place Story: 7th Grade 
Joseph Nye1st Place Story: 8th Grade
Zoey Kinser1st Place Story: 9/10th Grade 
Judges Award-Favorite Title
Lydia McGee1st Place Story: 11/12 Grade
Kathryn Homoki
2nd Place Story: 6th Grade
Whitney Richardi2nd Place Story: 7th Grade 
Nathan Papenfuss2nd Place Story: 8th Grade 
Beau Thompson2nd Place Story: 9/10 Grade
and Judges Award
Hollyann McCann2nd Place Story: 11/12 Grade
Emily Gist3rd Place Story: 6th Grade 
Colin Devanny3rd Place Story: 7th Grade
and Judges Award
Luke Buesser3rd Place Story: 8th Grade
Erika Hartel3rd Place Story: 9/10th Grade 
Tessa Lapointe
3rd Place Story: 11/12th Grade
Moriah YehJdges Award (Tie for 2nd Place): 
Favorite Sentence/Phrase
Charli O'MalleyJudges Award (Tie for 2nd Place): 
Favorite Sentence/Phrase
Swapnika MallipeddiJudges Award (Tie for 2nd Place): 
Favorite Sentence/Phrase
Arwen KaleshefskiJudges Award:
1st Place - Favorite Title
Giles LewisJudges Award
Madison WebsterJudges Award
Raven SanchezJudges Award 
Katherine HatchJudges Award
Parker Johnson
2015 Winning Authors