Winning Authors - 2014
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1st Place: 6th Grade
Emily Flemke1st Place: 7th Grade
Audrey McGee1st Place: 8th Grade
Elise Renwick1st Place: 9-10th Grade
and Judges Award 
Sophia Zanoni1st Place: 11-12th Grade
Carrie Durnell2nd Place: 6th Grade
Autumn Crow2nd Place: 7th Grade
Adan Estrada2nd Place: 8th Grade
Kyra Rothwell2nd Place: 9-10th Grade
Christopher Bumpus2nd Place: 11-12th Grade
Carol Perrodin3rd Place: 6th Grade
Matthew Paschal3rd Place: 8th Grade
Hollyann McCann3rd Place: 9-10th Grade
Rachel Loevy3rd Place: 11-12th Grade
Kathryn HomokiJudges Award for
Excellence in Writing
Quentin L. PerrodinJudges Award for 
Favorite Title
Emily FlemkeJudges Award for
Favorite Title
Sage ReynoldsJudges Award for
Favorite TitleJudges Award for Favorite
Sentence or Phrase
Mckayla NelsonJudges Award for Favorite
Sentence or Phrase
Danielle HamiltonJudges Award for Favorite 
Sentence or Phrase
Elana 'Skye' McCurdyJudges Award for Favorite
Sentence or Phrase
Kylie RiosJudges Award
Elliana 'Ellie' FordJudges Award
Hannah WileyJudges Award
Emma KerrJudges Award
Jacqueline DunnJudges Award
Bradley WhiteWinning Authors from the Colorado Springs School with teacher Anne Hatch
2014 Winning Authors